We're joining AceBy, Inc.!

At ZeroPay, we set out to recognize, organize and analyze payment systems in the payment industry and we are proud to have identified products across a variety of areas including peer to peer payment , business to consumer payment and credit card processing . Along the way, we ended up taking a decision of diverting from financials services and money services business activities.

Today, we wanted to let everyone know that we've decided to discontinue ZeroPay mobile application and join AceBy, Inc. We're excited to bring our IP, trademark and copyright expertise to the team at AceBy and help develop and implement a cutting edge mobile software that allows you to hire local professionals in your location.

We feel great about this next step in our journey, and we thank everyone who helped us get to where we are today - we couldn't have gotten this far without immense support from our investors, advisors, employees and others. We can't wait to see what's next!

Derrick Agyiri, Founder, ZeroPay